Emerald Cruises 2023 - 2024

Aqua Pool For bookings contact your local travel agent or visit emeraldcruises.eu 82 Stabilisation While sea conditions are generally good in some of the regions our yachts visit, nature tends to have a mind of its own, and sometimes we might face rough seas. Emerald Cruises luxury yachts are each equipped with a pair of retractable fin stabilisers, meaning our yachts pitch and role as little as possible. This ensures maximum relaxation for our guests whilst on board, no matter the weather! Aqua Pool & Marina Platform Our luxury yachts each feature an infinity-style pool on the Aqua Deck, offering you great alfresco views as you swim under the sun. Each yacht also features a Marina Platform equipped with various water sports toys for our guests to enjoy. While we aim to offer these areas to our guests as often as possible, sometimes the local regulations, yacht traffic in the bay or weather conditions may restrict their use. During rough seas, the Aqua Pool will be drained to ensure the safety of our guests and crew, and our Marina Platforms will only be made available when our yachts are at anchor in calm waters. Tender boats To make the most of each of the countries our yachts travel to, sometimes our cruises will visit towns and cities where there is no docking facility for yachts of our size, and our yachts will anchor at sea nearby. In this case, our guests will be transported ashore on one of the three tender boats each of our yachts are equipped with. This is usually a short trip to the shore and enables us to take you right into the heart of the locations we visit. Itinerary alterations At Emerald Cruises, our destinations are meticulously chosen, and our itineraries planned with great detail to ensure all the ports we visit are accessible. However, in some rare cases, our yachts may not be able to visit a port as planned due to unforeseen factors such as bad weather. In these cases, our guests will be informed of any port diversions or alterations to our itineraries as soon as possible, and we will do our utmost to make sure your cruise is impacted as little as possible. Life on the ocean A luxury yacht cruise across the oceans of the world is like nothing else. As you sail along the iconic coastlines our yachts visit, our guide to life on the ocean is here to help you make the most of all that Mother Nature has to offer during your voyage. Emerald Azzurra