Emerald Cruises 2023 - 2024

BACK TO CONTENTS For bookings contact your local travel agent or visit emeraldcruises.eu 95 2. Rebalancing of CO2 emissions We have concentrated our efforts on minimising our environmental impact, and support causes aligned with rebalancing our CO2 emissions, including exceptional carbon-conscious experiences, with hiking and e-biking now available on many of our itineraries. We are also working to calculate the CO2 emissions of each our sailings so we can continue in the future to implement new technologies and initiatives which ensure our carbon footprint is reduced. 3. Sourcing sustainably As we sail the world, many of our exquisite dishes on board feature local produce. Wine is sourced from small vineyards along the Moselle, Rhine, and Douro rivers, and on the Mekong, we source fresh local produce to create our Asian-inspired menus. Our goal is to source sustainably every step of the way, from produce to packaging, recycling, and our choice of suppliers. 4. Growing with communities We are committed to meaningful and respectful cultural interactions between local inhabitants and our guests, and many of our itineraries include certified Cherish the Planet experiences that ensure local businesses benefit from our journeys. We’re also working with leaders and third parties within the communities we visit to ensure sustainability for the future. 5. Grow from within, value diversity At Emerald Cruises, we truly value diversity – it is a strength to have different perspectives within our business and we believe it helps us find the best solutions and services for our guests. We treat all crew and all employees equally, independent of gender, sexual orientation, age, race or religion and we currently employ over 50 nationalities from across the globe throughout our vessels. 6. Advocate health, safety & security We have created an engaging workplace at Emerald Cruises that supports the wellbeing of our staff, prioritising health, and safety. We also want every member of staff to be fully immersed in the ethos at the heart of Cherish the Planet. To ensure this, Emerald Cruises staff will complete extensive training that supports their wellbeing and will ensure health and safety is prioritised. Complimentary refillable bottles on board E-bike rides Cultural interactions Our pillars of sustainability Cherish the Planet has six key focus areas. 1. Leave no waste We’ve eliminated all single-use plastic on board and work closely with, and fund, local projects that collect and recycle plastic waste, helping to maintain the world’s natural beauty and improve living conditions. We provide our guests with complimentary refillable Emerald Cruises bottles and filtered water stations across our yachts, as well as refillable toiletries in our suites – and no plastic straws are used on board.